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RadioInspectorWiFi Hardware and Software System is designed for detection and monitoring of all active Wi-Fi devices in the reception area as well as for identification of illegal Wi-Fi devices among all operating ones.

The System consists of Wi-Fi Capture and Analysis Modules and special software RadioInspectorWiFi. Every Module represents a free-running device with its own processor and memory that performs sequential scanning of the specified Wi-Fi channels (frequency bands). All packets from Wi-Fi devices are captured and analyzed during scanning. Useful service information is extracted from captured packets and then it is saved in the Module nonvolatile memory in the form of an archive. The useful information is contained packet headers and comprises MAC-address of the packet sender and MAC-address of the packet recipient as well as other public information. Information is also extracted from broadcasting beacon packets sent by access points.

The Capture Module can be connected to local area network Ethernet 10/100 Mb/s. A user can access any Module via the local area network using RadioInspectorWiFi software if required. RadioInspectorWiFi software provides displaying of the Modules scanning results in the form convenient for user. The running Capture Module software waits for connection from RadioInspectorWiFi software.


RadioInspectorWiFi software can run independently from the Capture Module. It can also connect to the Modules and operate with several Modules simultaneously at request. Automatic transmission of collected archive from the Capture Module to a PC with installed RadioInspectorWiFi software is carried out when connecting RadioInspectorWiFi to the Capture Module. When the Capture Module is connected to RadioInspectorWiFi software a user observes channel scanning process and can change the scanning task. When RadioInspectorWiFi is disconnected from the Module a user can work on the archive of this Module that is located on PC. Thus RadioInspectorWiFi Hardware and Software System can be used for various tasks. A list of common tasks and their solution using RadioInspectorWiFi System is specified below:

1. Continuous monitoring of Wi-Fi networks at workstations in office buildings for illegally operating devices. Wi-Fi Capture and Analysis Modules are installed in every room of the building. All Modules are connected in a local area network. The Modules power supply is provided from AC mains via power supply units or from 5V power supply (USB 2.0 is enough). RadioInspectorWiFi software is installed on PC. Communication between this PC and the Modules network is established.
2. Detection and search for illegally operating Wi-Fi devices. The System consists of a laptop and a Wi-Fi Capture and Analysis Module. The Module is power supplied from the laptop USB port. Communication between the laptop and the Module is provided directly via Ethernet cable.
3. Operations on detection of illegally operating Wi-Fi devices in situations with limited capabilities. The following operational scheme is proposed for monitoring areas where it is impossible to use a laptop or any other PC as well as in situations requiring secrecy. A monitoring task for Wi-Fi Capture Module is created using RadioInspectorWiFi and then the task is saved in the Module. Then the tuned Module is installed at the facility to be monitored. The power is supplied by external small-size storage battery. Upon monitoring completion the Module is connected to a PC for analyzing saved monitoring results.

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