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Kassandra_ТМ series 21 3.jpg


Complex for radio monitoring and digital signal analysis
Kassandra-TM30 (9 kHz-30 GHz)
Kassandra-TM9 (9 kHz-9 GHz)


Core Network Analyzer

Varus Technology introduces its latest generation portable Core Network Analyzer (CNA) for installation, monitoring and maintenance of wireless networks.



RadioInspectorRT is an advanced, cutting edge, professional TSCM software that performs the same basic functions as RadioInspectorRC, but optimised for searching clandestine and illicit transmitters including hidden radio eavesdropping devices. 



RadioInspectorRC performs the basic functions of radio monitoring and measurement of VHF-UHF-SHF radio frequency signals for “civilian” radio monitoring tasks which require metrologically correct measurement results.



RadioInspectorRP program is designed for statistical processing of signals or frequency ranges from a stored database of panoramas in the amplitude-frequency-time-geographical  coordinates space. Panorama databases can be formed by various programs - RadioInspectorRC, RadioInspectorRT.

Kassandra_ТМ series 21 3.jpg

RT I_MasterDevice

The I_MasterDevice (RadoInspector Master Device) program is designed to control the hardware instruments (spectrum analyzers, measuring and scanning receivers, GPS receivers) using physical data transfer interfaces and protocols (COM-port, IEEE488, LAN, USB). 

Kassandra_ТМ series 21 3.jpg


“RadioInspectorRT-Light” software is designed to create using communication (scanning) receivers the automated hardware-software complex for various purposes.

Kassandra_ТМ series 21 3.jpg


RadioInspectorWiFi Hardware and Software System is designed for detection and monitoring of all active Wi-Fi devices in the reception area as well as for identification of illegal Wi-Fi devices among all operating ones.

Kassandra_ТМ series 21 3.jpg


RadioInspectorWIFI-GEO – Reveals all running devices and their relationship with mapping the route and places of discovery. It is used for both mobile and stationary objects

Kassandra_ТМ series 21 3.jpg


A unique product, there is no analogue or digital equivalent in the world! Digital analysis of radio frequency signal content! Automatic signal classification and recognition! Identification of digital communications transmitters by their addresses and other parameters.


Secur C-3

Secur C-3 is designed to search, detect and contact mobile phones during search and rescue operations.

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