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Varus Technology Limited is presented on the market since year 2013. Company team consists of specialists in the sphere of counteraction against industrial espionage. The main areas of company’s activity are development, production and realization of data protection equipment, its integration in general security system of the companies. Shipment of antiterrorist and inspection equipment. Installation of searching and inspection equipment in the Customer’s premises.

Varus Technology Limited offers modern technical means of data protection, searching equipment, equipment of searching of data leakage channels, anti-terrorist and inspection equipment, and also fulfills works on development and production of new types of equipment and start-up works of complex security systems.


We are ready to offer You modern radio-monitoring and radio-control complexes of VT-series, noise generators, non-linear junction detectors and other data protection equipment. In our catalogues you can find the most modern searching techniques: universal wire analyzers, different analyzers of electromagnetic fields, frequency meters, detectors of hidden video-cameras and many others. The newest developments in the area of inspection equipment will make your premises the safest.

Our specialists are ready to valuate the conditions of your premises, prepare complex offer on providing data protection, prepare and install all the necessary equipment, including means of counteractions against terrorism, conduct training course of Your staff. 

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