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RT I_MasterDevice


The I_MasterDevice (RadoInspector Master Device) program is designed to control the hardware instruments (spectrum analyzers, measuring and scanning receivers, GPS receivers) using physical data transfer interfaces and protocols (COM-port, IEEE488, LAN, USB). The RadioInspectorRC and RadioInspectorRT programs (if connecting to instruments on a remote computer) use the I_MasterDevice program on the remote computer to control the remote instruments.


The I_MasterDevice program must be installed on the same computer where RadioInspectorRC is running (the RadioInspectorRT program can control its own devices connected to the local computer) or I_MasterDevice must be installed on a remote computer that is connected through a network (LAN or Internet) to the host computer where RadioInspectorRCor RadioInspectorRT programs are run.

How it works: RadioInspectorRC and RadioInspectorRT (if RadioInspectorRT controls devices on a remote computer) programs send a request through the network to the I_MasterDevice program and receive a response with results. Requests can be represented as: “Execute a measurement of a spectrum in the frequency span S, with a central frequency F, bandwidth B, video bandwidth WB, detector D, reference level R…”. In response the I_MasterDevice program configures the relevant instrument settings and the instrument executes measurements. The results (an array of measurement results) are sent as response to this request.

If the program is performing continuous measurements (for instance, if the “Start” button in RadioInspectorRC is pressed), the instrument is reserved to the exclusive use for the RadioInspectorRC program. Thus, the I_MasterDevice program implements a function of control and allocation of measuring instrument’s resources.

I_MasterDevice operates a GPS receiver (if connected) and adds coordinates to each measurement result. This enables mobile monitoring and analysis linking measurement results to geographical coordinates for processing and integration with digital maps.

The I_MasterDevice program can determine calibration data for the antenna in use and the calibration data of intermediate transmission paths (antenna switches, feed line loss, etc.) for inclusion in field strength measurements.


MD-Gео option

MD2 option

MD3 option

List of supported devices:


R&S EM100

AOR AR5000


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