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Software upgrade for spectrum analyzer 900 2100 band

Keysight performs the basic functions of radio monitoring and measurement of VHF-UHF-SHF radio frequency signals for “civilian” radio monitoring tasks which require metrologically correct measurement results.

Large capacity to meet multi-mode configuration: The sub-1GHz tri-band UBR supports large capacity in GSM/UMTS/LTE/NB-IoT/NR multi-mode configuration. 2×140W ToC output power can be dynamically distributed to three frequency bands. The other sub-3GHz tri-band UBR features 6×80W ToC output power, multi-mode configuration, large capacity, and 4T4R in both B1 and B3. The UBR product family can meet the requirements of high-speed data traffic in dense urban scenarios. 

Environment-friendly RRU: To reduce energy consumption, the latest sub-3GHz tri-band UBR adopts the power amplifier with higher efficiency. The system efficiency improves from 26% to over 32%.


Keysight works with measuring instruments that are connected to a computer via the I_MasterDevice program (I_MasterDevice can run on the same computer where Keysight is running). The program is capable of defining a ‘measuring path’ including measuring instrument, antennas and transmission lines, their calibration (loss/gain) data. The measuring circuit determines the measurement accuracy.



DTest option (Digital Test)

RС-SA option (SA – Spectrum Analyzer direct control window)

RС-Meas option (Meas – Measurement)

RС-Gео option

RC-Lan option

RC-SoundScanner option

RC-Scanner option

RC-DB option

List of supported devices:


R&S EM100

AOR AR5000

Narda NRA-6000

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